Day 6 - Project Diary

Connecting the Worlds through Art


Students of the 3rd class present themselves - Niranjana Public Welfare School

Santa Claus...

Morning session:

Today is Saturday – on Saturdays there is no regular time-table in school. After Morning Prayer and Meditation there is Physical Exercises in the nearby playground. Today it is rather cold, therefore all children are in their classes.

Again I take the 3rd class to continue our Santa-Claus-Project


As there is only a morning session today (school ends at about 12:00h), we start with a short meditation exercise in which the students imagine meeting Santa Claus in the forest.

After that I show the sample Santa Claus again and put it on the board. I want to give the children a feeling of success, therefore I decide not to go on with the life-size Santa Claus from yesterday. Instead I make each of them create a small, individual Santa Claus.

Nice story behind: I did the Sample Santa Claus with my goddaughter Amélie when I was in Germany before coming to India. She told me to take Santa Claus with me, because I wouldn't be there to celebrate Christmas with them. Now Amélie's Santa Claus is the model for the Indian children. I tell them the story, and they are treating my Santa Claus very carefully and with respect - as a message from a different world...

Of course, I will also show Amélie the Santa Clauses from India - Connecting the Worlds through Art  :)

From the beginning, the students are very busy. They are concentrated and try to do their best.

And again – I really enjoy observing them! And I love the spirit of creativity and happiness in the classroom!

In the end, every student manages to create his own Santa Claus! They are very happy and proud to show their paintings.

Please have a look at the beautiful Santa-Claus-Parade in the background and also at the pictures below…