Day 5 - Project Diary

Connecting the Worlds through Art


Students of the 3rd class present themselves - Niranjana Public Welfare School

Creative eruption...

Morning session - Blind Painting:

Again I want the students to connect with their creativity. Again I guide them into the forest and make them rest in a hut, where a strange being is living. This being is very kind and friendly, offers them a place at the fire and something to eat and drink. They feel warm and welcome in the hut, and after resting for a while, they are full of love and energy. The being again gives them the magical stone that can awaken their creativity.

This morning I collect all rubbers, before the students start painting what they have seen and experienced in the hut.

And – I really enjoy observing them! They are full of concentration, keep their eyes closed and paint very beautiful blind paintings! Every painting is different!


Of course they are laughing, when they are allowed to open their eyes – but they are also very proud that they managed to paint without looking… I take photos of the blind paintings, and after that they are again allowed to make their paintings nice.

This morning is different – the students are really connected with their blind paintings and most of them do not try to rub everything that doesn’t seem to be perfect. They really try to be individual – I am very, very proud of them!


There is a very nice atmosphere in the classroom – the students are laughing and proud of their paintings.

Indeed – the younger the students, the better they can permit letting go. They experience a flow of creativity and accept their INDIVIDUAL paintings.