Day 2 - Project Diary

Connecting the Worlds through Art


6th class of Niranjana Public Welfare School - Self-presentation and presentation of the village


Morning session:

Again I want the students to connect with their creativity, therefore I make them close their eyes and imagine their faces. Then again I make them draw

Blind self-portraits

After that they are allowed to make the paintings 'nice'...


All students are very focused on the task - it seems to be easier to concentrate on blind painting than yesterday. The results are also more individual.

After that they are allowed to colour their paintings. Although I beg them for saving the individual beauty of their blind portraits, I am only partly successful. On the girls' side, it's rubber-time :) again - and after a while all paintings are very similar to each other. Even some of the boys choose to paint some Bollywood-Princes.

But there are also very beautiful paintings which remain original und individual - for example I really love this 'Monk Punk':